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UPA invites all Punjabis, as well as those interested in Punjabis, their culture and heritage, to join UPA and participate in its activites. Please view the mission of UPA for enhancing the Punjabi Community, support and get involved in its for a better tomorrow.

Name : Sudhir Malhotra
Address : 1479 BAYOU PATH DR
State: IL
Zip Code : 60563
Phone Home : 7735305747
Mobile No. :
Email :
Member Type : Family
Total Amount : $ 30

You have two options for paying the membership fee:
1. Pay online using your credit or debit card by clicking on “Pay Now”, or
2. Mail your check to UPA C/O Kumkum Kumar, 1549 Ceals Ct., Naperville, IL 60565.

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The United Punjabis of America (UPA) is registered with the Illinois state as Charitable Organization No. 01070317. Donations to UPA will be tax deductible.
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