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April 15, 2023 UPA Vaisakhi  Mela (11 PM – 6 PM)

FREE ENTRY;  Mall of India, Naperville IL

Lots of Entertainment, Booths for Punjabi Food, Clothing, and Jewelry

Vaisakhi 2023 Flyer

April 12, 2015 UPA Vaisakhi Mela (FREE ENTRY; Ashton Place, Willowbrook, IL)
January 18, 2014 UPA Gala Lohri Event (Ashyana Banquets, Downers Grove, IL)
April 27, 2013 UPA Grand Vaisakhi Event (Cascade Banquets, Bensenville, IL)
January 19, 2013 UPA Gala Lohri Event
December 26, 2012 UPA News Release for Lohri
October 27, 2012 UPA is Launched

United Punjabis of America’s

First Event a Huge Success:
More than 250 Adults & Children Attended

the Grand Lohri Party

January 19, 2013 Downers Grove, IL

A grand Lohri celebration by United Punjabis of America (UPA) on January 19, rocked Ashyana Banquets in Downers Grove, Illinois with the beats of bhangra and giddha as over 250 adults and children enjoyed the event. A first event of its kind that attracted young families as well as empty nesters, the evening had everyone singing and dancing side by side to beats old and new.The evening began with welcome addresses by Manohar Sharma, president and Pratibha Jairath, a vice-president and event chair, who remarked on the significance of Lohri.  They were followed by Dharam Punwani, a board member, who explained the mission of the organization to be there “for preserving the rich Punjabi heritage, enhancing and strengthening the Punjabi community, and becoming a positive force for enhancing our neighborhoods, cities, states, country and the world”. He explained that in addition to cultural celebrations like Lohri, Vaisakhi, etc., UPA will be heavily involved in creating mentorships by successful Punjabis around the world in for business, science, technology, art and literature and also perform ‘seva’ activities. Pratibha Jairath
A Dance Pratibha Jairath to weave in live singing with the best of Punjabi music.“I can’t tell you how happy I am to see an event like this take place,” remarked Sarita Sood of Naperville. Brij Sharma of Carol Stream remarked that he was very impressed with the quality of the program and added, “I’ve attended programs where artists and MCs were flown in, this program was just as good, if not better.

Asha Oroskar of Oak Brook was equally effusive with her praise, “With the fun-filled Lohri celebrations at Ashyana,  we are now witnessing the evolution of such badly needed local talent that will now organize traditional festivals and will allow our children and the immigrant community to fulfill the void that we always felt with the coming and going of our own Indian festivals….

The evening’s entertainment included fabulous Bhangras, including one by a group of six children (ranging in age from 3 to 9 years), a lively Kathak, a dance from Veer Zaara, a Giddha, a solo dance by the Jaya Punwani (9 year) and a surprise song by the young brother and sister team of immensely talented  M’laah Kaur Singh and Anaan Singh. The program also included Lohri related educational interactive presentation by Shilpa Bahl and craft work (Lohri signs and wheat branch) and sowing wheat seeds by a team led by Deepali Punwani, as well as face painting. The kids and adults alike enjoyed the story of Dulla Bhatti told through a skit written and directed by Madhu Uppal and performed by a very colorful and energetic cast of actors. A Bhangra Dance
A group dance
The evening’s music was anchored by the DJ and dhol master
Shirish who worked with Raju Bankapur and
Kudos to the dedicated volunteers of the UPA who have single handedly begun developing a road map for holding such focused, high quality and uniquely organized Lohri  ‘family event’! Showcasing children’s skills brought about a unique participation that will ultimately bind second-generation immigrants to their families and their unique Indian American culture.”As the evening wound to a close, many people shared with the UPA board their wishes for future activities. “I am hoping that UPA will get a literary group off the ground soon,” said Aroon Chaddha of Elk Grove Village, whereas Anoop Walia said that he was looking forward to UPA organizing a karaoke and other music competitions.

Sharan Walia reminded the audience to visit the UPA website at to get updates on planned UPA events and to leave suggestions for future activities.

Kids Craft  AreaLohri Audience
Raju BankapurAudience Dancing
A Singer at LohriDancing by the Lohri Partcipants
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-UPA invites all Punjabis, as well as those interested in Punjabis, their culture and heritage, to join UPA and participate in its activites. Please view the mission of UPA for enhancing the Punjabi Community, support and get involved in its for a better tomorrow. Please complete and mail/e-mail the UPA membership form.

Successful Launch of UPA:
More than 60 Become Members

October 27, 2012 Lombard, IL

Photo  of  Pratibha Jairath
Pratibha Jairath, the Host of Her Diwali Party and a VP of UPA, Announcing the Launch od UPA
Photo of Madhu Uppal
Madhu Uppal, a UPA Board Member, Briefly Describing the Purpose and Activities of UPA
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The United Punjabis of America (UPA) is registered with the Illinois state as Charitable Organization No. 01070317. Donations to UPA will be tax deductible.
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