Distinguished Punjabis and Guests

There are successful Punjabis in almost all professions and businesses, including those who have won Noble Prizes and are in the halls of fame in many fields. There are also many Punjabis and others who have performed excellent community services. The accomplishments of such Punjabis will help inspire the younger Punjabis and help them grow up with pride in their culture and heritage.

The objective of this activity is to recognize and honor the accomplished Punjabis and those who have provided excellent community service as Distinguished Punjabis and Distinguished Guest, respectively, and make that information available on the UPA website.

UP has honored 16 Distingusied Punjabis and 8 Distingusied Guests. A list of these honorees is available.

Distinguised Punjabis

  1. Dr. Darsh Wasan, Technical Achievements
  2. Dr. Sukhdev Soni, Community Service
  3. Shalabh Kumar, Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership
  4. Amrit Mittal, Entrepreneurship and Community Support
  5. Anil Loomba, Entrepreneurship and Community Support
  6. Brij Sharma, Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership
  7. Pratibha Jairath, Community Service and Multi Talents
  8. Hersh Khetharpal, Community Service
  9. Dharam Punwani, Vision, Dedication & Service to UPA
  10. Rahul Wahi, Young Entrepreneurship
  11. Urmila Chawla, Community Service
  12. Dr. Surinder Nand, Professional Achievements & Community Service
  13. Amit Gauri for Young Entrepreneurship
  14. Dr. Madhu Uppal, Community Service & Leadership
  15. Om Dhingra, Entrepreneurship & Community Service
  16. Dr. Romesh Kumar, Technical Achievements and Service to UPA

Distinuised Guests

1.Honorable Raja Krishnamoorthi, U.S. Congressman, IL District 8

2. Honorable Sean Casten, U.S. Congressman, IL District 6

3.Honorable Dr. William Foster, U.S. Congressman, IL District 11

4.Dr. Gopal Lalmalani, Mayor, Oak Brook, IL

5.Neeta Bhushan, Consul General of India, Chicago

6.Hari Patel, Vice  Chair, Republican Hindu Coalition

7.Ranjit Singh, Consul, Consulate General of India, Chicago

8.Raju Bankapur, Singing Talent and Community Service

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