Scholarship Program

There are many well-to-do Punjabis who want to help the community. There are some who could use some financial help for their education.

The objective of the Scholarship Program is to establish an infrastructure for offering scholarship opportunities for education. The scope of the program is intended to cover the full spectrum of professions, including but not limited to art, music, business, education, engineering, entertainment, literature, science, medicine, healthcare, and information technology.

In 2021 UPA initiated its first scholarship program: A 5-Year program offering a $1,000 per year scholarship to a high-school senior for excellence in community service.

The Scholarship program is being managed by the Community Foundation of Fox River Valley.

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The United Punjabis of America (UPA) is registered with the Illinois state as Charitable Organization No. 01070317. Donations to UPA will be tax deductible.
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